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Photo: Sunrise over Huangshan mountains, China

Photography makes you see the world rather than just look at it - Author unknown

Here you will find a collection of various photographs that I have taken over the past few years (so far all in digital format, I plan to scan some of the older BW ones when time permits), all arranged in roughly chronological order. My first camera was an early generation 35mm-format Smena (as you would suspect from a camera made in 1960s it had only manual controls, no light meter and a fixed focal length lens) which was still capable of some wicked BW shots. Now I use Canon EOS 350D digital SLR with several zoom and prime lenses, the capabilities of which so far more than easily match my "photographic eye", although I believe I am improving!







New York (11)

Brazil (27)

Australia (50)

Rome & Sienna (21)

Val D'isere (13)


Sri Lanka (55)

St Tropez

Japan (67)

Madrid (12)

Chile (73)

Wales/Scrambling (40)

Prague (8)

Egypt (64)

Sailing (16)

Silverstone (28)

Wimbledon (34)

Chamonix/Cervinia (12)

China (60)

Tibet (83)

Istanbul (31)

Mykonos (14)

Wales/Climbing (20)

India (42)

Ladakh (82)

Snowdon /Tryfan (13)

Kilimanjaro (56)

Snowboarding (11)

Mera Peak (138) 

Boracay (30)

Saas Fee (23)

Chamonix summer (32)

Farnborough (34)